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Say good day to feelings–all of them. Learn about how trapped feelings can maintain you again in life, affecting your bodily, emotional and psychological well being, and what to do about it.

Emotions are a number of the physique’s most distinguished messengers. And, though they serve an vital objective and may be extremely useful, they’ll generally get trapped, resulting in an array of bodily, emotional, and psychological well being issues that may wreak havoc on our day by day lives. “When you will have an intensely tough expertise, the feelings you’re feeling ought to fade with time, however generally they’re simply an excessive amount of so that you can deal with and your physique might maintain onto these damaging energies within the type of what many name ‘emotional baggage,’” says Dr. Bradley Nelson, a veteran holistic doctor, bestselling writer, and creator of the Emotion Code approach. According to Dr. Nelson, the damaging energies we supply from these experiences are referred to as trapped feelings, which may be launched by his Emotion Code approach in addition to on a regular basis practices, comparable to mindfulness, expression, connection and extra. 

What Is The Emotion Code? 

The Emotion Code is an energy-based approach that’s centered across the notion that feelings are comprised of power and every has its personal frequencies — which is what you actually really feel if you really feel feelings — and centered on releasing trapped feelings (aka, trapped low-frequency power), which is thought to create bodily, psychological, and emotional misery, and result in ache and discomfort that disrupts day by day life. With steerage from Dr. Nelson’s e book, The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness, you may be taught to let go of trapped feelings which, “can allow emotional therapeutic and make it easier to really feel higher after enduring traumatic or tough emotional experiences, even when they occurred a few years in the past,” he explains.  

As people, we expertise feelings continuously. And, whereas we’re most frequently in a position to really feel the emotion, course of it, and transfer on, some feelings linger and get trapped, particularly if the power of the emotion feels too intense. These feelings typically result in bodily, psychological, and energetic imbalances brought on by low frequencies that accompany sure feelings comparable to anger, disappointment, grief, and frustration. The Emotion Code teaches you how you can determine trapped feelings (together with, whether or not they come from your self or have been inherited by a mother or father). Once the trapped feelings are recognized, the strategy focuses on releasing every emotion, one after the other, by a technique that entails utilizing sway testing based mostly on the approach’s Emotion Code Chart and swiping a magnet throughout the physique’s Governing Meridian, which begins on the lips, runs up the nostril, over the middle of the brow, again of the pinnacle, and all the way in which all the way down to the tailbone. 

The Consequences of Trapped Emotions 

Trapped feelings can manifest in a wide range of methods and have an effect on your bodily, psychological, emotional, and non secular well-being. This is especially true for some frequent psychological well being issues, together with resentment, anxiousness, melancholy, anger, and even lack of readability, says Jacqueline Gilmer, MS, LPC-S, LCDC, the Clinical Director at Recovery Unplugged, positioned in Austin, TX. 

  • Resentment: When we’re unable to determine and deal with feelings, Gilmer says we’d start to really feel resentment, whether or not that be towards an individual or a state of affairs that triggered these emotions. “This can lead us to behave in methods that aren’t constructive or useful to ourselves or others,” she explains. 
  • Anxiety: Feeling anxious is one other frequent facet impact of trapped feelings, and Gilmer says this will even result in the bodily signs related to anxiousness, “comparable to issue sleeping, complications, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and muscle rigidity,” along with emotions of panic and worry, which intrude with day by day functioning. 
  • Depression: “Unresolved emotional points might contribute to melancholy by leaving you feeling overwhelmed and powerless,” Gilmer explains. Feeling overwhelmed and powerless are damaging feelings that Gilmer says can over time create a cycle of despair, which may be tough to interrupt with out skilled assist.
  • Anger: Suppressing feelings by anger is a standard approach for folks to precise feelings, however this will manifest in outbursts of rage or aggression. Gilmer says any such facet impact of trapped feelings will not be solely damaging to relationships however also can have long-term well being penalties, which embrace anxiousness, hypertension, and complications. 
  • Lack of Clarity: “When we aren’t in a position to determine and course of our feelings, it turns into tough to clarify selections and take motion in our lives,” says Gilmer. Because of this, we’d find yourself feeling caught and even energetically paralyzed by indecision, making us unable to maneuver ahead with confidence. 

The psychological and emotional unwanted effects of trapped feelings aren’t the one issues that may impair our well being. In addition to those penalties, “trapped feelings might manifest as bodily signs of tension, comparable to issue sleeping, complications, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and muscle rigidity,” Gilmer explains. Amira Martin, LCSW-R, a psychotherapist based mostly in New York City, says trapped feelings also can end in abdomen points because the gastrointestinal tract is delicate to emotion, and signs comparable to heartburn, cramps, and unfastened stools are frequent indicators of stress within the intestine. 

How to Release Trapped Emotions, Following The Emotion Code Technique 

The Sway Test

Through The Emotion Code approach, you cannot solely determine the trapped emotion but in addition launch it by a easy at-home energetic technique. To begin, determine a problem you’re experiencing — it may very well be bodily comparable to a headache, or psychological like anxiousness. Once you recognize what situation you need to deal with, stand together with your toes shoulder-width aside together with your arms by your facet for the sway check. To conduct a sway check, take a deep breath and attempt to calm down the physique, coming into a extra meditative state. Ask your self: “Do I’ve a trapped emotion that may be launched now that’s contributing to my [insert issue here]?” Give your physique a second and see whether or not you sway ahead or backward. If you sway ahead, the reply is sure. If you sway backward, the reply is not any and Dr. Nelson recommends specializing in a unique situation and making an attempt once more. 

Check The Chart

Next, check out the Emotion Code Chart, which is separated into six rows and two columns. Through one other few sway checks and the steerage of this chart, you may determine what the trapped emotion is. Begin by standing nonetheless together with your arms by your sides and your toes shoulder-width aside. Enter that relaxed and meditative state once more after which ask your self if the trapped emotion is in column A. If your physique sways ahead, the reply is sure and the trapped emotion is a kind of listed in column A. If your physique sways backward, the reply is not any, and the trapped emotion is a kind of listed in column B. To slender it down additional, you’ll subsequent deal with the rows. Begin by asking your self if the trapped emotion is in one of many odd rows (aka, rows one, three, or 5). Should you sway ahead, the reply is sure and you’ll then ask if the trapped emotion is in every particular odd row. If you sway backward, the reply is not any and you’ll transfer ahead with the even rows, asking if the emotion is in every even row till the physique sways ahead, indicating a “sure.” Once you recognize what column and row the emotion is in, you’re left with simply 5 feelings. Following the sway check once more, spend time asking in case your trapped emotion is every emotion. Once you sway ahead, you’ll know which emotion is trapped. 

The Magnet Test

When you recognize what the trapped emotion is, it’s time to launch it. According to The Emotion Code technique, this entails swiping a magnet — a fridge magnet will work — or your fingertips alongside the Governing Meridian. Begin by passing over the lips, up the nostril, and throughout the middle of the brow. Then, run the magnet or your fingertips throughout the highest and again of the pinnacle and down the neck, till you attain your tailbone. According to Dr. Nelson’s technique, this may launch the trapped emotion, nevertheless, you’ll need to discover out for positive. To discover out whether or not or not the emotion has been launched, conduct yet another sway check and ask if you happen to launched the trapped emotion. If you sway ahead, the unconscious thoughts is indicating that the reply is sure. 

Other Methods for Releasing Trapped Emotions 

In addition to The Emotion Code, there are different strategies for releasing trapped feelings or low-frequency energies to achieve a way of aid bodily, mentally, and emotionally. 

Identify and Expression Your Emotions

A key a part of the Emotion Code approach is studying to determine your trapped feelings, and Gilmer says this is a superb method to start therapeutic. “Take time to take a seat with your self and observe any bodily sensations or emotions that come up inside you,” she explains, including that it helps to ask your self what these feelings are telling you and to be trustworthy concerning the ideas and feelings that come up with out judgment. “Once you will have recognized them, it could actually assist to speak to a trusted pal or write down your experiences in a journal in order that they don’t stay trapped inside you.”

Move Emotion Through Breathwork

Mindful respiration by breathwork practices also can make it easier to launch trapped feelings. “Take a number of deep breaths into your stomach and deal with permitting every breath to go by your physique, releasing rigidity as you exhale,” Gilmer says. “This follow will help to shift damaging power away from the physique in order that it’s simpler for us to course of our feelings constructively.” 

woman meditating

Practice Mindfulness

According to Dr. Nelson, mindfulness signifies that you’re absolutely current and acutely aware within the second, which may have a profound affect on releasing emotion. “Research has discovered that individuals who follow mindfulness can have deeper relationships and luxuriate in life extra,” Dr. Nelson explains. To enhance your emotional well being, he recommends making an attempt a meditation follow, spending extra time in nature, or just placing your cellphone down whereas interacting with household or associates. “Focus on being actually current and concerned in no matter is in entrance of you proper now, and see how a lot richer your expertise of that state of affairs turns into.” 

Deepen Relationships

Having folks in your life which you can rely on also can work wonders for emotional well being, says Dr. Nelson. “While being content material alone is vital too, figuring out you may name somebody up if you’re having a foul day or share your successes with another person may be actually useful to your psychological well being,” he explains.

Work With a Therapist

“One of the best methods to launch trapped feelings is thru remedy,” says Martin. Therapy is a superb and protected place for people to discover and course of their feelings in a supportive atmosphere. “Therapists also can educate coping expertise and supply instruments for managing tough feelings,” Martin provides. Dr. Nelson additionally recommends looking for skilled assist, particularly if you happen to discover it difficult to convey your feelings and wish steerage on how you can categorical your emotions. 

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